We provide services from our offices in Port Moody and Vancouver, or will gladly come to your home within the metro Vancouver area.

Initial nutritional consultation (1 hour)

Based on your goals, lifestyle, body composition, and age, we’ll develop a nutritional plan that includes caloric and nutritional requirements, basic meal planning, recipes, foods to focus on, and foods to avoid.

Follow-up nutritional consultation (40 min)

Our follow-up sessions are designed to assess your progress, answer your questions, help you overcome challenges, and encourage you to take your nutrition plan to the next step.

Detailed nutritional analysis and assessment report
$240 (90 min)

We develop a detailed nutritional assessment report based on a 3-day record of the foods you ate and activity levels.  We use EvolutionNutrition, the same nutritional software used in hospitals, wellness centres, and research institutions across North America, to provide dietary analysis, weight management calculations, exercise analysis and tracking, and energy expenditure analysis.

Customized meal plans
$160 for the first weekly plan (Includes a 1 hour consultation)
$60 for each additional unique weekly plan (30 min)

Let us help you figure out what to cook for you or your family that meets everyone’s needs, works within your budget and busy schedule, and is nutritious and delicious. Each weekly meal plan is customized to your needs and includes recipes for three meals and two snacks per day.

Kitchen raid
$80 (approximately 1 hour)

We’ll come to your kitchen and help you clear out foods that don’t support your goals, keep the ones that do, and identify what’s missing. We’ll show you how to stock your kitchen for optimal wellness and leave you with a healthy grocery list to get you on your way.

Grocery store tour
$80 (approximately 1 hour)

We’ll accompany you to your local grocery store and show you how make healthier food choices to meet your specific goals. We’ll discuss healthier substitutions, crack the code on food labels, and separate food myths from facts.

Wellness workshops
Prices depend on length of workshop and number of guests.

Leigh-Anne will come to your home, office, or school to provide entertaining, interactive, and educational wellness workshops to suit your needs. Some popular topics include: vegan and vegetarian nutrition, eating for energy, eating for disease prevention and wellness, and eating well as we age.


We customize our consultations and services to your specific needs. Some of the things we help women with include:

Eating well, aging well

As we age, our nutritional needs change faster than our eating habits usually do. Learn new ways of eating to stay as healthy as possible at every age. We can also show you how to use food to manage or prevent age-related issues such as menopause, osteoporosis, and heart disease.

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight

We may not be quite as concerned about turning heads at the beach as we used to be, but we now know how important it is to be healthy. And it comes down to the same thing – balancing nutrition with flavour, self-discipline with indulgence, and physical activity with time to relax. We’ll help you develop a step-by-step plan to get you to your target weight, keep you there, and feel good about it.

Eating for disease prevention and wellness

Getting the best possible nutrition has a tremendous impact on how susceptible you are to certain diseases and disorders. Learn how to use food to boost your immune system and lower your chances of getting specific health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, stroke, and digestive disorders.

Eating well on a restricted diet

There are often health and ethical reasons for choosing to eat a restricted diet. But it’s not always easy getting your optimal nutrition while limiting the type of food you eat. Whether you’re vegetarian or vegan; gluten-free, wheat-free, or dairy-free; natural, raw, or organic; or pretty much anything else –  it’s important that you understand the health issues related to nutritional deficiencies associated with your diet and how to get the nutrients you need from foods you can eat. We can also help you to develop strategies for sticking to your diet when you eat out or with others who don’t share your diet, and for eating well on a budget.

Sports Nutrition

If you’re relying on your body to perform, you need to nourish it appropriately for your sport. Learn how to eat to boost energy, build muscle, improve stamina, promote healing, and stay hydrated.  We can also help you get the most from your training through customized meal plans and timing, assessing your caloric and nutritional needs, and understanding energy drinks and sport supplements.

Premium Nutritional Care Program

Choose a 3- pack of services of your choice.